How's Finland Economic life?

Agriculture and Industry of Finland

Agribusiness is the main source of Finland when it comes to their agriculture. In 1999, average farm size in Finland was only 25 hectares (62 acres). Finnish farming is characterized by the relatively small proportion of arable land under cultivation, the large proportion of forestland, the small-sized landholdings, the close association of farming with forestry and stock raising, and the generally adverse climatic and soil conditions. Farming is concentrated in southwestern Finland; elsewhere, cultivation is set within the frame of the forest. In 2004, there were 70,983 farms. The average farm had about 31 hectares of arable land. Livestock production contributes about 70% of total agricultural income. In recent years, they have attained exportable surpluses in some dairy, pork, and eggs. In terms of their industry, it has been noteworthy. Contributing factors include the forced stimulus of reparation payments, large quantities of available electric power, increased mining operations, growing mechanization of agriculture and forestry, development of transportation and communications, and steady foreign demand for Finnish exports.

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